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183,44 EUR*
Details Integrated Pest Management: Experiences with Implementation, Global Overview, Vol.4

The book deals with the present state and problems of integrated pest management (IPM) as relating to stakeholder acceptance of IPM and how IPM can become a sustainable practice. The book covers the implementation of integrated pest management in USA ...

39,00 EUR*
Details Urban Regeneration Management (Routledge Advances in Management and Business Studies)

Urban Regeneration Management This book was born out of the need to 'capture' the experience and understanding of the regeneration management process that is neither UK centric nor centred exclusively on urban areas. Written by experts working in the ...

23,49 EUR*
Details Industrialution: the Experience Principles

Industrialution "Industrialution, the Experience Principles" is a 'how to book' for plant level management teams on what it takes to sustain a long lasting manufacturing operation in today's environment of global competition. Author Dennis Lex has ...

57,99 EUR*
Details Soil Science & Management: Lab Manual

Soil Science & Management The Laboratory Manual is a valuable tool designed to enhance your lab experience. Lab activities, objectives, materials lists, step-by-step procedures, illustrations, and review questions are commonly found in a Lab Manual ...

50,00 EUR*
Details Life on the Line in Contemporary Manufacturing: The Workplace Experience of Lean Production and the "Japanese" Model

Life on the Line in Contemporary Manufacturing In a long tradition of ethnographic research in industrial sociology and management/labour studies, this text looks at the influence of Japanese management techniques on the way work is organized in ...

56,66 EUR*
Details Knowledge Management: Systems Implementation: Lessons from the Silicon Valley: Systems Implementations: Lessons from the Silicon Valley (Chandos Knowledge Management)

Knowledge Management Systems Implementation This book brings together the results of several years of analysis of knowledge management systems (KMS) implementations and the experience of leading organisations in the Silicon Valley, to provide a ...

11,13 EUR*
Details The grape vine. A practically scientific treatise on its management

This book, "The grape vine a practically scientific treatise on its management, explained from his own experiences and researches, in a thorough and intelligible manner, for vineyardists and amateurs in garden and vine culture. no.92", by Mohr ...

24,95 EUR*

Durable Success Author A. Ovy Lungu brings over twenty years of diversified managerial and leadership experience accrued on both sides of the North Atlantic. With "DURABLE SUCCESS," the author provides valuable assistance in the quest for excellence ...

39,97 EUR*
Details Case Management: An Introduction to Concepts and Skills

Case managers provide an indispensable service, acting as both experts and liaisons to the wide variety of services, resources, and opportunities available to their clients. The authors use their extensive practice, classroom, and research experience ...

31,32 EUR*
Details Fundamentals of Sport Management (Human Kinetics' Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Science)

This book provides foundational knowledge of sport management to help readers prepare for advanced study or a career in the industry. Written by an author team with experience in both the academic world and sport industry, "Fundamentals of Sport ...

37,75 EUR*
Details The Home Experience: Making Your Home a Sanctuary of Love and a Haven of Peace

The Home Experience Ranging from Judeo/Christian biblical principles and priority management to practical homemaking techniques, this is a tool to help reshape the families' pathway to love, peace, and a lifetime of joy. It defines essential ...

117,69 EUR*
Details Flood Issues In Contemporary Water Management (Nato Science Partnership Sub-Series: 2: Environmental Security Volume 71)

Flood Issues in Contemporary Water Management: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Coping with Flash Floods; Lessons Learned from Experience, Malenovice, Czech Republic, May 16-21, 1999 Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research ...

18,41 EUR*
Details Driving Down Cost: How to Manage and Cut Costs -- Intelligently

Drawing on over 25 years' consultancy experience running over 50 big one-time, cost-reduction projects internationally, Andrew Wileman provides a Cost Management Toolkit of key ideas and cost management strategies for analysing cost-management ...

96,29 EUR*
Details eBusiness in Healthcare: From eProcurement to Supply Chain Management (Health Informatics)

EBusiness in Healthcare Here is a book that aggregates five years of experience of three successive R and D projects covering technical and organizational issues of eProcurement. Results from the projects are supplemented by the contributions of ...

23,64 EUR*
Details Leading Six SIGMA: A Step-By-Step Guide Based on Experience with GE and Other Six SIGMA Companies (Paperback)

Leading Six Sigma This book fills a gap by providing a step by step approach to the management of the overall Six Sigma process, not just individual projects. It provides more detailed and specific advice on how to actually deploy Six Sigma than ...